Sunday, August 28, 2011

Business Thought Process: The 4Q1E Way (Part 1)

Technologies and methodologies evolve and change, but solid foundations and principles tend to remain constant in business.

So with that in mind over the next few weeks, I'm gonna ask you 4 Questions. And give you 1 Exclamation that will hopefully get you thinking about the foundations and principles needed to create a business, solidify your current business, or enhance the speed of your growing business.

Question 1: Where are you now?

You have to know this before you can even think about going anywhere else. In your car your GPS has to pick up the signal before it can properly guide you to your destination. So do you know where you are?

If you already have a business, what kind of numbers are you producing every month and how much is going out the door in terms of expenses and investments in the company? If you are looking to start a business, why do you want to do so? Is it a last resort because you can't find a traditional job in the field you want or is it something you've always wanted to do? What is your attitude toward business?

It doesn't really matter what your answer is... you just have to know what your answer is because it will be different for each person. Wherever you are, is where you are. So where are you?

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