About James A. Holloway

Everyone has heard the expression "Jack of All Trades."

Some have even heard the 2nd line of the stanza "Master of None"

But very few have heard the poem(?) limerick(?) haiku(?) in its entirety.

Jack of all trades,
master of none,

though often times better
than master of one...

I guess you could say over the years I have been and am a "Jack Of All Trades" (or in my case a "James Of All Trades") for 2 reasons.

#1 Over the years I've worked just about every type of job you could imagine: short order cook, call center, delivery driver, retail clothing, landscape supply, cellular phone sales, etc. But I never felt comfortable in my own skin until I went into business for myself.

#2 Even as a business owner, I am involved in several industries (some of them simultaneously). It's not because I get bored easily - honestly I'm probably one of the most boring people you will ever meet.

I do what I do because I enjoy doing it (otherwise I wouldn't do it) and because it fills a need that someone out there in the world has.

As a writer for this blog I share some of the struggles I've gone through in becoming a business owner and some of the things I've learned about how to THINK like a business owner. It doesn't come naturally for most people, especially those who have worked as an employee in the corporate world for several years.

As a graphic designer & website creator, I help people "put their best face forward" and provide them with high quality, professional looking materials to promote themselves, their business, or their project. Do I know everything there is to know? Probably not. But I will tell you if you want something that I can't deliver.

As a mobile DJ I am able to share my love of all things audio with people who need entertainment or a simple PA setup for a business presentation.

As freelance sales rep, I can pick and choose the products and companies I want to represent that I think will be beneficial to people I know or people that I meet.

As owner of a business that has partnered with some of the top interior design firms in Upstate SC, Western NC, and Northeast GA, I am able to help people create a beautiful living environment simply through the process of installing window treatments or hanging artwork.

Is it easy? God, No!

Do I lose some sleep? Yes, but not because I'm worried or stressed. Usually I don't get much sleep because I'm still working on a project or putting the finishing touches on an article for the blog.

Is it worth it? So far it has been. Who knows how things will turn out down the road.

Would I recommend this life for anyone else? Probably not to the extent that I have taken it. If you have a desire to start your own business, I'll be your biggest cheerleader if you need one. But if you feel compelled to go in 14 different directions at once, I may question your sanity. (I frequently question my own).