Monday, August 1, 2011

Get Over It, Get Up Off It. Get On With It.

DISCLAIMER: This post may be too rough for some people. (Also please read my comment at the end of the post). If you are easily offended when someone speaks the truth, you may want to skip this one and wait for a "kinder, gentler" post next time. That being said...


Everyone is struggling with something these days. Maybe it's your health. Maybe it's the health of one of your children. Maybe you are unemployed. Maybe you're ugly and your mama dresses you funny.

Whatever it is, it is. Deal with it. If you can fix it. Fix it. If you can't fix it, quit worrying about it.

Go pick up the book The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz. You don't even have to read the whole book right now, just chapter 2.


One of my pet peeves is hearing people complain about their situation, but they aren't willing to do anything about it. Anybody who has ever accomplished anything in life has had to get up off their "rusty-dusty" and go after it.

Even the caveman had to leave the cave every once in a while to go kill something and drag it home to eat.

Quit procrastinating. Get the job done NOW! Don't be the guy who says "I'll do it tomorrow" but dies in his sleep.

Find some music to get you pumped up if you have to. Or go get that copy of The Magic of Thinking Big and read chapter 9.


The hard part is over. Once you get started, stay at it.

If you remember your high school science class discussion of potential energy versus kinetic energy... even a rock at the top of a hill has "potential" energy but force has to be applied in order to convert it to "kinetic" energy and get the rock rolling down the hill.

If you're just sitting there waiting for your life to change you have "potential" for something better. But you have to apply force to yourself to stand up, dust yourself off and begin.

The good news is it takes less energy to keep going than it did to start moving.

So set some daily and weekly goals that will help guide you to what you ultimately want to accomplish. If you need help, go back to The Magic of Thinking Big and read chapter 12.

By the time you finish chapter 12, you will probably want to go back and start at the beginning and read the entire thing. It's worth it.

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    Recent events have prompted me to clarify this diatribe just a bit. It is aimed at those who are physically and mentally able to do something but due to laziness or fear have chosen not to do anything.

    I am adding this postscript because yesterday a friend of mine took his life. I've since learned that he was suffering from depression. Depression is no joking matter and frequently is the top layer of more than one underlying battles that must be fought to overcome it's grip on your life.

    God knows I struggle with an assortment of my own demons on a daily basis. It saddens me that I never knew my friend was suffering and that I did not let him know that I was in his corner if he needed me.

    If you or someone you know is facing a battle with depression or other medical challenges, I encourage you to seek out the appropriate professional assistance. I truly believe that within each and every person are the "Seeds of Greatness" but they must be allowed to grow on and come to fruition.


As always your comments, questions, and even your rebuttals are welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.