Sunday, September 4, 2011

Business Thought Process: The 4Q1E Way (Part 2)

Technologies and methodologies evolve and change, but solid foundations and principles tend to remain constant in business.

So with that in mind over the next few weeks, I'm gonna ask you 4 Questions. And give you 1 Exclamation that will hopefully get you thinking about the foundations and principles needed to create a business, solidify your current business, or enhance the speed of your growing business.

Question 1: Where are you now?
Question 2: What is next?

Hopefully you now know where you are. Now you need to figure out where you are going. And I can't tell you where that should be. You will have to decide that for yourself. It will be different for everyone because everyone is at a different place in business and in life.

"What's next" could be a dollar amount (i.e. $1Million in gross revenues). "What's next" could be a physical location (i.e. opening a new store across town). "What's next" could be a tangible product (i.e. building the better mousetrap). "What's next" could be something as simple as attending a seminar or reading a book that can help you learn how to be a better business owner.

"What's next" is whatever goal you set for yourself and your business.

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