Monday, January 31, 2011

You Can Be My Wingman.

Sometimes a movie can speak to your inner being in ways that you never realized until you get a little bit older, and a little bit wiser.

For me, Top Gun is one of those movies. And as a full-time self-employed business owner, I tend to relate a lot of what I see and hear to the business world.

It seems to me that there are a bunch of people who want to start a business but they don't. They have obviously forgotten that they are "The Best Of The Best" simply for being willing to take the leap of faith necessary to start a new venture. And sometimes if they DO get started, they get so bogged down in the "paralysis of analysis" that their competition "Flies Right By Them"

This is the third post in a series I've been calling "Are You Waiting For Your Business To Take Off" and I want you to know that being successful in business doesn't require being a certain "type" of person. You can be a "Maverick" or you can be "Iceman" but you have to be willing to get in the fight and engage.

What is a "Maverick"?

Much like the character played by Tom Cruise, a "maverick" is someone who lives on the edge... someone who takes chances... someone who leaps without looking... someone who (if he doesn't have a "wingman" looking out for him) can get into a lot of trouble... but a "maverick" is also someone who gets the job done.

So what is an "Iceman"?

Like Val Kilmer's character, an "iceman" is calm regardless of what's going on around him... he's calculating (not in an evil way and not over-analyzing everything, just thorough in his research)... he's confident in his abilities but not overly arrogant about it... he always does things by the book... and he too gets the job done.

The ultimate combination is when a "maverick" finds an "iceman" to be his wingman (or vice versa). This can be a business relationship (although I personally do not recommend any sort of business model based on a partnership). It could be a sort of mentorship situation. Or it could be a friendly competition among peers.

The "maverick" needs an "iceman" to calm him down and help him to step back and take another look at the situation and get a different perspective.

The "iceman" needs a "maverick" to spur him on and motivate him to stretch his imagination and jump in with both feet without worrying about the possibility of complications down the road.

I hope you have a wingman or someone you trust that can help you keep an eye out for bandits and bogeys. If you don't, well, you can be my wingman any day.

How about next week we "buzz the tower?"

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