Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Follow Up... the Achilles Heel of the entire sales industry - regardless of the product line or service being offered.

Having someone who knows how to properly follow-up with clients and prospects is just as valuable as having effective and efficient customer service to "hold down the fort" back at HQ, but harder to find.

Being someone who can properly follow-up can be the difference between having a good month and a not-so-good month in business. Especially if, like most start-ups and sole-proprietorships,you are your business.

Go to the local book store and you will find entire shelves devoted to "sales techniques" and "tips to close that sale." And you can read every e-zine and blog post ever written on the internet, but sometimes, there is only one relatively simple thing that needs to happen...

Whether it's writing an insurance policy, or selling a house, or winning a service contract with a property management company, or signing a new client, or even just landing a new job...

Sometimes all you have to do is answer the phone or at the very least, return the call (the same day if possible).

Don't end up like Ifida...

Ifida is the designer that says "If I'd a just returned that lady's call, I'd be the one redesigning her kitchen."

Ifida is the salesman that says "If I'd a simply taken time to respond to that email the same day, instead of waiting a week, I'd be receiving a $10,000 check as a deposit on that order instead of my competitor."

Ifida is the insurance agent that says "I can't believe so-and-so moved their business to another agent. We've been friends for years. If I'd a only gotten back to him with that quote sooner...."

Are you an "Ifida" or are you "The Phenom Of Follow-Up"?

What do you do to stay on top of your follow-ups?

Where have you dropped the ball?

Share your comments, and let us know.

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