Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who Are You?

Let's face it. The more people that know who you are and what you do, the more likely you are to create revenue, find clients, expand your business and become more profitable.

That being said. How are you letting people know who you are?

Are you using traditional advertising such as radio, tv, magazines, and billboards? Are you attending networking events at your local chamber or other professional groups? Are you using social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn?

I once heard someone say that the best place to promote yourself and your business is:

Wherever your customer is.

So if your ideal customer is watching TV, use TV to promote your business. If your ideal customer is on Facebook, connect with them on Facebook, but don't be "weird" while you're on there. People don't connect with corporations, they connect with people. And survey after survey proves that people don't like to be "sold" something. But if they understand the value of what you offer, then they are more likely to buy a product or service from someone they trust.

How do they start trusting you?

First off, they have to see a real person behind the company logo.

Melissa Galt, a business coach and owner of Prosper By Design, says that you should be "...congruent on every network (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) and that you should use the same image and a similar bio everywhere because consistency leads to success."

If you take a look at my "web properties" you will see that I have taken her advice and I have the same headshot on almost all of my profile pages.

Don't get me wrong. I love my daughters and they look adorable, but it's simply not appropriate for me to use a picture of them on my LinkedIn profile page. And neither is a photo of "James Bond" (which probably has a copyright attache to it).

And lets face it, it someone reads this blog and wants to connect with me on Google+ or Twitter, how will they know they have found the correct James Holloway if I've got a different picture on every site? It would be a lot harder.

So let the world see your business by seeing who you are.

And remember, I'm pulling for you, even if nobody else is.

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