Friday, February 10, 2012

Are You A Rhinoceros or A Whine-oceros?

image courtesy of  Nite Owl Graphic Design Group

They say that the lion is the king of the jungle. Well, he may be the most majestic, but the rhino is the toughest beast you'll deal with.

Business owners are like the rhinoceros.

They have to be in order to succeed.

A business owner has to have "tough skin." You have to be able to withstand the attacks and jabs of those who try to put you down, or put down your business or ideas.

Just like the rhino, a business owner has to be fearless. Being in business requires a certain amount of risk. And starting a business from the ground up is Not For The Meek Or The Weak.

The rhinoceros is a target for illegal hunting and although business owners usually do not have to worry about being hunted down and shot, they have to be able to protect their ideas to prevent the competition from "poaching" their intellectual property.

Business owners must also step up to the challenges presented to them and "charge ahead" instead of wallowing in the mud whining about why it won't work, whose fault it was, and so on.

 So, are you a Rhinoceros or a "whine-oceros"?

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